New Media Project Proposal

In the three months of studying philosophy of the mind I’ve noticed a trend in philosophers towards seemingly aimless pondering. The point of philosophical studies, apparently, is not to arrive at a practical conclusion or argue your point’s significance in society, but to explore all possible or conceivable (I use the term very broadly) worlds in order to question current concepts of mind and consciousness and posit new ideas. Not new ideas for others to adopt and use in a pragmatic manner to address current issues, just to…talk…and wonder about life. New ideas extrapolated from old ideas, or in opposition to old ideas, for the sole purpose of inspiring new models on the same topic.

With the exception of Jean-Paul Sartre’s treatises on free will and existentialism, I found very little use for the ideas being discussed. Maybe I just don’t have the sensibilities needed to be a philosopher, and that’s okay. And maybe current philosophers don’t find it necessary for their discussions to be expanded into other discourse communities. Philosophers may be completely content to kick around ideas for the sake of mental exercise.

But I’m not.

My time is precious and I want to make every moment count for something—be able to show for something. I am representative of my generation in that the things I read, talk about, and devote my time to need to be part of something bigger than myself. I need to be part of the global conversations attempting to shape public opinion. The questions generated from the philosophy of mind can, and should, have a place in this global discourse community of which the new technologically-minded generations are part.

I’ve already looked into ways in which consciousness and the mind are being discussed on new media platforms in my Storify project, but now I’ll focus on how and where they can be interjected into popular forums of discussion and to what benefit. Hopefully, with the help of Sartre and Stephen Hawking and other contemporary questioners, I can sniff out sites that seems successful, and posit new avenues for future success. With all the social, political, cultural, and economic campaigning that happens in the realm of new media, it’s important to give voices of different temperament equal weight, and the voices of rational philosophers are missing.

**Edit: After consideration, I decided to create this final project on Weebly, for more cohesive design. Take a look!


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